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Compilation of Lezel/Lazel quotes from Mark of Athena

((Edited because I missed some D:))

“ He would remember a pretty girl paying such close attention to him. That didn’t happen a lot.

She’s Frank’s girlfriend he reminded himself. ”


“ Leo found that hard to believe. Hazel seemed warm and very alive, not like the ghosts or the other reborn mortals Leo had tangled with.

She seemed good with people, too, unlike Leo, who was much more comfortable with machines.

Living stuff, like horses and girls? He had no idea what made them work.

Hazel was also Frank’s girlfriend, so Leo knew he should keep his distance. Still, her hair smelled good, and riding with her made his heart race almost against his will. It must’ve been the speed of the horse. ”


“ He started to fill the bag.

Hazel knelt next to him and helped. “we should’ve brought a pail and shovels.”

The idea cheered Leo up. He even smiled. “We could’ve made a sand Castle.”

“A lime castle.”

Their eyes locked for a second too long. ”


“ “Sacrifice?” Hazel’s voice was tight. “I lost my mother. I died and came back. Now my brother is missing. Isn’t that enough sacrifice for you?”

Leo could totally relate. He wanted to scream that he’d lost his mom too. His whole life had been one misery after another. He’d lost his dragon, Festus. He’d nearly killed himself trying to finish the Argo II. Now he’d fired on the Roman camp, most likely started a war, and maybe lost the trust of his friends.”


“Leo tried to follow and lost his balance. Hazel caught his hand. She pulled him up and they found themselves atop a rock, holding hands, face-to-face.”

Hazel’s eyes glittered like gold.

Gold is easy, she’d said. It didn’t seem that way to Leo –not when he looked at her. He wondered who Sammy was. Leo had a nagging suspicion that he should know, but he just couldn’t place the name. Whoever he was, he was lucky if Hazel cared for him.

“Um, thanks.” He let go of her hand, but they were still standing so close, he could feel the warmth of her breath. She definitely didn’t seem like a dead person.”


“Hazel and Frank stood just out of earshot, having an argument that involved lots of arm waving and head shaking. Leo should not of felt pleased about that, but part of him did, the other part of him felt bad that he felt pleased.

The argument stopped abruptly when Hazel saw Leo.”


“ “Ugh…” She leaned over and hugged her sides. She had nice hair- frizzy and golden brown like curls of cinnamon. Her hair reminded Leo of a place in Houston that made excellent churros.


“ “Oops,” Leo said, in his best Frank Zhang voice. “Dropped Leo into a squad of enemy soldiers. Dang it!”

Hazel tried to suppress a smile.”


"Leo squinted. He looked at Hazel who was seated next to him. "Did that chicken girl just compare my ship to the Titanic?”

"She’s not a chicken." Hazel averted her eyes, as if Leo made her nervous."


“ “I’d be willing,” He told Hazel. “I could use the fortune cookie to find your brother.”

Hazel looked stunned. “What? No! I mean…I’d never ask you to do that. Not after what Nemesis said about the horrible cost. We barely know each other!”

They barely know each other comment kind of hurt, though Leo knew it was true.

“So… that’s not what you wanted to talk about?” He asked. “Uh, did you want to talk about the holding-hands-on-the-boulder-moment? Because-”

“No!” she said quickly, fanning her face in that cute way she did when she was flustered.


 “ Hazel held out her hand. “I wouldn’t ask you to do this, but I’m sure it’s important. It can’t be a coincidence we met.” ”

 ”Piper wondered what as going on with those three. The boys showing off for Hazel and razzing each other -that she understood. But it also seemed like Hazel and Leo had a history.”


“ “Frank, I know this is weird. Believe me. But I don’t like Hazel –not that­ way. I’m not moving in of your girl.

Frank knit his eyebrows. “No?”

Leo hoped he wasn’t blushing. Truthfully, he had no idea how he felt about Hazel. She was awesome and cute, and Leo had a weakness for awesome cute girls. But that flashback complicated his feelings a lot.


" "You know," Annabeth said, "Leo doesn’t intend to be mean. He’s just got a big mouth. When people make him nervous, he uses humour as a defence."

Frank frowned. “Why would I make him nervous?”

"You’re twice his size. You can turn into a dragon" And Hazel likes you, Annabeth thoughts, though she didn’t say that.”


“As Hazel talked, her hair floated around her face in a cloud –like brown earth and gold dust in a miner’s pan. She looked very sure of herself and very beautiful –not at all like the shy, nervous girl in that New Orleans schoolyard with her smashed canvas lunch bag at her feet.

[skipped some dialogue]

“ I talked to him,” Leo said. “I told him I wasn’t trying to…you know. Make trouble between you two.”

“Oh. Good.”

Did she sound disappointed? Leo wasn’t sure, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.”


“Frank had chosen Hazel, obviously. So when he had seen Leo –a guy who could summon fire at will- moving in on his girl…”


“Ever since they’d gotten knocked into the Atlantic, they hadn’t acted quite the same. It wasn’t just the two guys competing for Hazel. It was like the three of them were locked together, acting out some kind of murder mystery, but they hadn’t yet discovered which of them was the victim.”

""Oh dear Hazel." Aphrodite folded her fan. "such optimism, yet you have heartrending days ahead of you. Of course war is coming. Love and war always go together. They are the peaks of human emotion! Evil and good, beauty and ugliness.”

She smiled at Annabeth as if she knew what Annabeth had been thinking earlier about the Old South.

[minor skip]

"What do you mean," Hazel asked, "Heartrending days?"

The goddess Laughed as if Hazel were a cute puppy. “Well, Annabeth could give you some idea. I once promised to make her love life interesting. And didn’t I?”

[annabeth thinks about how she loved Luke who didn’t like her until the moment he died and then to fall in love with Percy etc]

"Interesting," Annabeth said, "is a mild way of putting it."

"Well, I can’t take credit for all your troubles,”the goddess said. “But I do love twists and turns in a love story. Oh, all of you are such excellent stories -I mean girls. You do me proud!”

[if you’re wondering why I put the last quote here, I interpreted it as Aphrodite promising to cause more problems in Frank and Hazel’s relationship and a trend in Aphrodite’s interference seems to be putting people through hell and then getting with someone they truly love. If Aphrodite’s plan follows this trend then I think we can assume that Hazel and Frank won’t last because in none of Aphrodite’s “stories” do the original couples make it in the end (e.g. reyna + jason ->Piper and Jason. Luke+Annabeth -> Annabeth and Percy.) Moreover, she said “love and war always go together” and we already know that Frank and Leo are competing for her i.e. going to war to win Hazel’s love so it’s definitely going to be between these three. Subsequently, there’s a high chance she’ll get with Leo. Also, breaking up  with someone would be considered heartrending. 

Yeah, I take my ships seriously :P]

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